Gabba from ‘leaked DAT’ on Patreon!

Do you guys remember this story about the allegedly leaked DAT recordings with some rare and unreleased tracks such as «Gabba», «Acid Break», «Helicopter Techno», «Rock ’n’ Roll ’94» and «Get Acidic»? Last year, those ‘tapes’ made a lot of noise among the fans who were wondering — where do all these studio quality recordings of the rare stuff come from? Today we’ll tell you everything about these leaks.

All Souvenirs
3 min readDec 5, 2021
Gabba-dance by security on stage @ «Breathe» tour ’96 / taped by Mark Reynolds

*by the way, you can also find the remastered HQ video of a rare Japanese TV broadcast with «Gabba» from Phoenix Festival 1996 in the hidden section of our site…

As a lot of you know, apart from all the research activity, the ‘All Souvenirs’ team is engaged in producing the exact copies of the tracks that have never seen the light of the day. Last summer we were preparing the launch of our site, and our guys were working on «Gabba» — the result was so stunning that they’ve decided to have some fun and prank our friends, the members of team.

The response was absolutely unexpected for us: the track has caused quite a lot of hype and gone far beyond our friends mailboxes. It was being discussed in the fan communities all over the world and on a couple of music media resources. There was a rumor that even Liam himself thought the recording was genuine (and so did the people somehow connected to the band).

The original Gabba upload by ‘All Souvenirs’ team (4 August 2020)

By that time, we had already had some other unreleased tracks that we were planning to make public after our site’s launch. But after such a heated response we thought it’d be a great idea to let the public assess the quality of our work, so we carried out some sort of ‘a blind test’. All of our fresh uploads were met with the same delight as before, and some of the fans even thought that Mr. H himself was teasing the community. We contemplated utilizing this as a promotion for our project — since we initially intended to launch it just a month after the rest of the tracks would’ve been published. Before the launch, we had decided to do a couple more things but the process dragged on, and the story of the DATs found itself in limbo for six months.

Some of the fans even thought that Mr. H himself was teasing the community

For some reason, some fans out there considered all this a mockery of the community or even an evil prank, even though we’ve never intended to be offensive to anybody. Our main goal was to complete the rest of the recreations as flawlessly as we could and to launch the project after a short promo.

We’re not making some fan-made reworks. We’re into full-on studio work, so our guys make sure that the results are at a top-notch level. Recreating the band’s unique sound, looking for the original samples, recovering the source audio data — all of this takes great strength, a lot of time and finances, so the launch of the ‘All Souvenirs’ project kept getting postponed for months.

In April 2021, with a six-month delay, the project was finally launched. During that period, we managed to recreate lots of rarities including «Rock ’n’ Roll ’98», «Heatwave», «Benny Blanco», and many more — you can check everything out on our SoundCloud, YouTube, other resources!

If you wish to support our project and get a chance to listen to the unreleased tracks in the best quality possible, we suggest you visit our Patreon: — several exact copies of some unreleased stuff are already available there. We’re also completing our recreations of «Trigger», «Heatwave», «Ded Ken Beats» and other legendary tracks very soon.

As a little gift for our Patrons, we’re presenting our recreation of «Gabba» — one of the most popular jam tracks by The Prodigy. For three years, including the legendary «The Fat Of The Land» Tour, «Gabba» was the final track in the band’s setlists. It debuted sometime between February and June 1994, in the times of the «Music For The Jilted Generation» LP, but at the end of 1997, it was removed from the setlist! It’s the first time you can listen to it in the highest quality possible — subscribe to our Patreon and get even more!