Hooray! The site is finally up and running! Welcome!

Yesterday, October 5th, The Prodigy turned 31. They are truly one of our personal life-changers and we would really like to thank them for everything they’ve done for the music, for the industry, and for the people — no words needed to say how much these guys changed the game.

Our small team was in a bit of a hurry during the making of our website and we didn’t have enough time to post all the stuff we have. Still, you can already find something cool there. For instance, you might be interested in a short analysis of ‘Ghost Town’, a track that is going to be re-released on the ‘1Love’ compilation on War Child Records in 2022. You’ll also be excited about the exclusive details we shared in our ‘One Love’ related article — on October 4th this release celebrated its 28th birthday, and we posted the short single story and a few rare information about its design. And also don’t forget about a few hidden easter egg sections on our website, where you can find even more exclusive content!

links: website| soundcloud | youtube | instagram | mixcloud | bandcamp



New website on air now! Check it out: www.theprodi.gy

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